Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photo Diary: Forecastle Festival

Hooray, Forecastle was a blast. As promised, I did manage to take a few pictures of the grounds and sights. I didn't do fashion though. I needed (yes, needed) to sit in front of the main stage for several hours on Friday and Saturday so I could be in the front for Outkast and Jack White. Ah well, festivals are all about the music anyway.

Mmmm, Mellow Mushroom truck.

Ohio River

Lexington's local Cricket Press made a trip for the weekend.


 These last two are not high quality at all, but how could I not share the adorable setting Jenny Lewis had?! Also, JACK WHITE WAS AMAZING. Best show of my life.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Only if For a Night

Into the depths of forest, this dress make me feel like a moon goddess. To walk barefoot is to be connected to the earth, drawing energy from the raw ground. Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Dress: Free People// Jewelry: various

For my weekly link up with Buttons and Birdcages, I have festival love! If you saw my earlier post, you know I went to Forecastle Festival in Louisville to see a variety of artists, but mainly Jack White.

  • To the guy who took up for me after someone else tried to plow me down, you are amazing! Please continue to stand up for the weaker. Thanks to you, I had the best concert experience of my life.
  • To the guy who gave up his spot at the barrier for a child, keep rocking dude! It's so wonderful for everyone to work together. Thanks to you, a little girl's first concert included being pulled onto stage so Jack could play for her. You are an amazing human being.
  • To everyone else at the barrier, thank you for creating a family-like environment while we all waited for a common gratification. You guys rock! Hope to see some of you again next time!
  • Also, my Beck dance partner (total stranger) is officially my long lost bff. Whoever you are, thank you for the great time. It means to much to party with me since my husband hurt his back and couldn't attend the final night. xoxoxoxo

Friday, July 18, 2014

Forecastle Festival

This weekend is a special event. My dreams of finally going to a music festival are coming true! Forecastle in Louisville starts TODAY. I hope to bring back some pictures for you, but no promises... sometimes, you just need to enjoy the moment. However, to celebrate, here is my Forecastle playlist with songs from all the artists I hope to see. Not that Jack White and Jenny Lewis are not worth the whole festival alone.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We are Nowhere, and It's Now

Lately, the weather has been odd. Chilly in the mornings, very hot in the late afternoon, then chilly again at night. And of course, it's freezing in my office. So I decided to change things up. A light weight longer sleeved top, denim cutoffs, and these surprisingly quite comfortable Free People boots I purchased with my birthday discount in May. It's like a Pre-Fall Preview. Plus, there a rumors that we will get another polar vortex, causing temperatures to drop to highs of the 60s. In July. Crazy.

Top: Local Palo Alto store// Shorts: Free People// Bra: Free People:// Hat: Anthropologie// Boots:// Free People// Socks: Urban Outfitters (similar)// Wooden jewelry: various local botiques// Snake Ring: Jen's Pirate Booty

What is weather like where you are? Still in the hottest days of the year? Or are things starting to cool down?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Needles and Pins

Crop top: Forever 21// Skirt: Earth Bound Trading (no online store)// Hat: Local

I am sure many of you heard the sad news that Tommy Ramone died Friday night.. I didn't mean for this post to be in remembrance of Tommy. I had actually taken these pictures much earlier in the week. However, since I had already planned this post, I felt it was only appropriate. The Ramones shaped me as they have done so many others since their conception. I was provided an outlet to just be a brat, be sweet, be fun, and be able to love and criticize in the same breath.

Despite our recent loss, there is still much goodness and kindness in the world. The kind of thing that keeps our chins up and dries our tears. For this week's weekly link up with Buttons and Birdcages, I have some things for some wonderful people.

  • To my coworker, you make me smile even when everything is wrong. Even when my boss is an idiot, even when I just want to walk out.
  • To my best friend in Arizona, you are amazing for giving me so much your time. I love how I can literally text about anything at anytime and you will always listen to my rant. What a beautiful life we have.
  • And finally, RIP Tommy, the world will miss you.

Monday, July 14, 2014

One Thing

Do you have a single item of clothing that just feels like a part of you? One thing that has always been your style, so much that you don't think you will ever drift apart from it? Everyone does, and if you don't, it's time to find which piece is a part of you.

For me, it's a pair of Betsey Johnson combat boots that I bought as an impulse purchase on my birthday one year at the Betsey Johnson store in Nashville. They were on sale, and the stylists insisted that these combat boots were screaming my name.  Normally, I refuse to impulse buy, especially at a price range like Betsey Johnson (pre bankruptcy!), but something seemed so.... right. So, I did a rare thing - I whipped out a credit card and bought them. I had never done that before, haven't done that since, and I doubt it will ever happen again. However, over 3 years later, these boots are still my number one choice out of everything in my entire closet. They transform every outfit into something tougher and edgier. Made from real leather, they are now molded to my feet for maximum comfort. We have had so many adventures together, and styling has been a dream. I will be sad to see them go, whenever they finally die on me.

What about you? What piece has become a part of you?

P.S. I even got an extra discount for my birthday. See? It was meant to be.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday DO: Listen to an Old Favorite

Ah music. Universally agreed to have power over our innermost sentiments, music is a powerful tool. It can affect your mood and energy. Everyone listens to different sounds for different reasons - partying, feeling, remembering, and even healing. This week is for reminiscing. There is something so powerful in picking up an old album that was once (or even still is) a favorite and letting everything flood through you anew, like a fresh wave that somehow, you have felt a thousand times over. This weekend, pick one old favorite and play it - don't do anything else if possible, just absorb the sounds, and let past events reoccur, running through you. It will feel like an old friend or relative finally returning home.

Image found via Pinterest/tumblr. I do not own this image.